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This e-shop runs on shoptet, who don't yet offer a multilingual frontend so I cannot provide you with a 100% convenient shopping experience.

The best I can do (unless I'm missing out on something in which case do let me know please!) is translate the product page for you in this section, so here you go:

Moje Česko - My Czechia

The corkboard map My Czechia let's you display all your memories from trips around this country, which I love dearly. Its nature, architecture, monuments, food... all of that and even more invites explorers and curious adventurers. I felt dissapointed that there is no stylish and practical way to keep my photo souvenirs together, which is why I created this cork beauty. I hope it will be bringing you as much pleasure as it's been doing at my home.

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What's included in your order:
  • one self-adhesive corkboard map of Czechia cut out by the 14 regions
  • 30 map pins with a chubby black-head (6mm diametre. I don't understand inches, sorry)
  • Blu Tack
  • a small surprise to make travelling even more joyful

Important notices (I suppose this is a legal disclaimer in fact):
  • The maps are cut out by a laser technology, in other words they are burnt out from a canvas. As a result, its edges are ashy and a little dirty. The map might even smell smokey for a few days. If you mind, please wash the edges with damp cloth.
  • I hear that in da United States of Amérika, firms are being sued because people burn themselves from hot tea. That makes me think: I'd like to warn my customers, that by sticking My Czechia on the wall, a lifelong bond between the map and the paint is born. The same goes for Blu Tack.

  • Made by me, Zuzana Cabejšková
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Dimensions: 79 x 45 x 0.4 cm
  • Material: natural cork from Pedro from Portugal
  • Vision: Less stuff, more life
  • Sustainability: the packaging of the map serves as a postal box. Zero waste and material reductions principles applied throughout the design process

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